Duckface Voting

duckface voting Duckface Voting

Here it is! The Duckface Divas Facebook Photo Voting Contest. Vote for your MOST favorite or LEAST favorite Duckface photo. Tell your friends to help you vote these Duckfaces UP or DOWN, you can post additional Comments below, by giving us your thoughts about the whole Duckface trend.

~Kelsey & Bailey <3

duckface 221 Duckface Voting vs. duckface 193 Duckface Voting
Over Did It On The Tanning?

Duckface Combo Meal

duckface 200 Duckface Voting vs.  duckface 117 Duckface Voting
Duckface Killed A Mink! Duckface Overachiever

duck face17 Duckface Voting vs. duckface divas 16 Duckface Voting
Serious Duckface Is Serious   You Can’t Hate On This Duckface


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