How to Make Bubble Tea and Milk Tea

Bubble tea is a drink that was invented in Taiwan. This delicious drink is a mixture of milk and fruit flavors. It can be made with soy, cow’s or almond milk. The sweetened syrup adds to the flavour of the drink.

The traditional bubble tea is served with shaved ice. You can also serve the drink with fruit purees, salted cream, aiyu jelly and other toppings. There are many varieties of bubble tea, but you can also make it yourself at home.

When making your own bubble tea, make sure you use a strong black tea. Black teas have a strong tannin taste, which is important to the overall flavour of your drink. Also, you should brew the tea for at least 12 hours in the refrigerator. Make sure to strain the infusion to get rid of any used leaves and bags.

For a weak brew, you will need only half a cup of tapioca pearls. However, 버블티 밀크티 you can adjust the amount of pearls depending on the strength of your brew. If you want a stronger brew, you can also add 1/4 cup of ice to the recipe.

Another type of bubble tea topping is boba pearls. These balls of tapioca are coated in simple syrup and can be added to other foundational liquids.

Boba pearls are the perfect choice for making bubble tea. They add sweetness to the drink and can be infused with a variety of different flavors. Alternatively, you can use egg pudding instead of the pearls. Egg pudding is a custard and is a great alternative to tapioca in a bubble tea.

Bubble milk tea is an easy drink to make. It’s delicious and versatile. You can try several different flavors, including brown sugar, peach and taro. It’s also fun to customize it with different flavors and toppings. Whether you’re looking for a healthy drink or something with a little kick, bubble tea can be your next favorite beverage.

To make a classic bubble tea, start by heating water to a temperature of 98 degrees Celsius. After the water is ready, add the tea leaves to the water and let them brew for five minutes. Remove the infusion from the heat and place it in the fridge for up to a month.

Aside from milk, you can also make bubble tea with coconut or soy milk. However, be aware that soy and dairy milk may be lactose-intolerant. Non-dairy milk is commonly used in Europe and in Asia. Unlike dairy milk, it’s thinner and less rich. Therefore, you will need to add more ice if you are using non-dairy milk.

Bubble milk tea is the ultimate summer drink. Traditionally, it’s made with milk and sugar, but you can find variations with fruit flavorings, and toppings. Other popular toppings include chia seeds, coconut jelly, aiyu jelly, sago and popping pearls.

Making bubble milk tea at home is easier than purchasing it in a store. Most stores will allow you to customize your drink to your tastes.