The Benefits of Storage Units

Storage units can help you with many different projects. Whether you are downsizing, planning a gap year, or simply de-cluttering your house, you will need somewhere to store your stuff. You’ll need a secure location and the right size unit. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of using storage units.

Self-storage units are a waste of money

One of the main reasons that many people use self-storage units is that they don’t have enough room for all of their stuff. While storing things in storage may make it easier to move, the added expense can also lead to hoarding. Instead of spending money on a storage unit, you should consider what you need to keep and get rid of the rest.

They are air-conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter

Climate-controlled storage units provide better conditions for your belongings. Temperatures inside can be adjusted to match the outside temperature and humidity levels are monitored to prevent rotting and moisture-related damage. In addition, climate-controlled units maintain a consistent humidity level, which helps prevent the growth of mold.

They require a photo ID to rent

A photo ID is a useful tool when renting a storage unit. Storage operators need to make sure that the ID is legitimate and not a fake. TheĀ storage units more details you can provide, the easier it is to verify whether a photo ID is real or not. However, some fake IDs are difficult to identify.

They are climate-controlled

Climate-controlled storage units are ideal for storing delicate items. Unlike standard storage units, climate-controlled storage keeps its indoor temperature and humidity at a constant level. It uses dehumidifiers and air-conditioning to keep the air comfortable. While there’s no official standard for these temperature-controlled storage units, a good unit should keep the temperature at around 55-78 degrees F and humidity at no more than 55%.

They are available on a month-to-month basis

Month-to-month storage units are available at most storage facilities. The rental contracts vary slightly, but most are similar. The renter signs a contract with the storage company stating how long he or she needs the unit for. While some storage companies require a three-month minimum, most allow month-to-month rentals.

They are air-conditioned

When storing your belongings, it is important to choose a storage unit that is air-conditioned. This is especially important if your belongings are sensitive to humidity. Temperature changes can cause damage to your belongings, especially items that are priceless or irreplaceable. Fortunately, there are several options for air-conditioned storage.